Mobility PW

The Mobility program of the WUT is intended for the financing of outgoing research activities (mobility) of PhD students and research workers of WUT and foreign universities, not shorter than 5 days and not longer than 12 months. It is implemented under the project "Research Initiative - Research University" and SEED and PROM PW 2 projects on the terms set out in common regulations and consistent with the guidelines for individual projects.


Opening of the 3rd edition of MOBILITY PW Competition

The Director of the Center for Advanced Studies informs that on October 18, 2022, the 3rd competition under the Mobility PW program was opened. The regulations of the competition as amended were adopted by the Rector's Decision No. 151/2022 dated June 6, 2022. This time the competition is aimed only at doctoral students and doctoral school participants (up to the age of 40), who have not been beneficiaries of the NAWA PROM PW2 project so far.