Workshop on Exact Science Approach Training, Chęciny in Poland, 22-24.03.2024

On March 22-24, 2024, the European Centre for Geological Education at the University of Warsaw hosted the Workshop: Exact Science Approach Training. The event was organized by the Center for Advanced Studies of Warsaw University of Technology in cooperation with the UW Centre for Systemic Risk Analysis and was aimed at students of Individual Polytechnic Studies - ID Studies.

The idea was to present thematic readings for a wide range of participants, open to presenting their own thoughts and research, taking into account the audience's different specializations. Particular emphasis was given to modeling phenomena in the natural and social sciences, to questions of system complexity, and to issues at the intersection of the humanities and mathematics.

The event was attended by researchers and ID students from various departments of the Warsaw University of Technology, who presented their scientific work, and by researchers from the University of Warsaw.

During the workshop, the best readings were voted on. The winners of the honorable mentions were Zofia Nowicka, Julia Le Bihan, Jacek Rogala, Bartłomiej Luszczuk, Bartosz Godlewski, Natalia Gdrzybicka and Hubert Grochowski.

Check out the photo gallery from the event.