WORKSHOP on Mathematics for Industry, 25-29 September 2023

The Center for Advanced Studies invites you to the

WORKSHOP on Mathematics for Industry.

Basis of Mathematics in nanomedicine structures and life sensing

The workshop will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science of Warsaw University of Technology (75 Koszykowa Street, Warsaw).

The workshop consists of regular talks delivered by the participants, together with several mini-courses on applications of mathematics in engineering and technical sciences, including:

  • Pawe┼é D┼éotko, "Introduction to Topological Data Analysis" (abstract: PDF),
  • Arimura Hidetaka, "Medical imaging signatures with topology for cancer" (abstract: PDF),
  • Shunsuke Ichiki, "Singularity theory and its applications to strongly convex multiobjective optimization problems" (abstract: PDF),
  • Jan Mielniczuk, "Modelling Regression Dependencies" (abstract: PDF),
  • Dariusz Plewczy┼äski, "Unveiling the Dynamic Nuclear Landscape: A Mini-Course on 3D Human Genome Modelling" (abstract: PDF).

The detailed programme can be found on the webpage. Below, you can find a preliminary list of included talks.

  • Przemys┼éaw Biecek, "Explanatory Model Analysis"
  • Tomasz Cie┼Ťlak, "(In)stability of spiral vortex sheets"
  • Karol ─ćwieka, "Virtual design of nanocomposites for tunable visible-light plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic transformations"
  • Toshizumi Fukui, "Pseudospheres from singularity theory view-point with a classification of 2-soliton surfaces"
  • Leon Gradon, "Formation of nanostructured functional particles with the spray-drying method"
  • Naoki Hamada, "Brief Introduction to Topology for Multi-objective Optimization"
  • Yuichi Ike, "Persistent Homology and Machine Learning"
  • Luc├şa Ivonne Hern├índez Mart├şnez, "Bautin bifurcation in a minimal model of immunoediting"
  • Stanis┼éaw Janeczko, "Exotic shapes of nano-spherical structures - new DNA coding"
  • Konstanty Junosza-Szaniawski, TBA
  • Shizuo Kaji, "Synergies of medicine, physics, and mathematics in medical imaging"
  • Kenji Kajiwara, TBA
  • Konrad Kisiel, "Plasticity - Modeling and mathematical analysis"
  • Miyuki Koiso, "Developable surfaces with curved folds and applications"
  • Bartosz Ko┼éodziejek, "Learning Permutation Symmetry of a Gaussian Vector"
  • Shigeki Matsutani, "Supercoiled structure of DNA and hyperelliptic functions"
  • Naomichi Nakajima, "Information geometry of positive measures"
  • Mariusz Niew─Ög┼éowski, TBA
  • Takashi Nishimura, "On envelopes created by circle families in the plane (a joint work with Yongqiao Wang)"
  • Zbigniew Peradzy┼äski, "Calcium waves sustained by calcium influx through mechanically activated channels in the cell membrane"
  • Hiroshi Teramoto, "On constraint qualifications in multi-objective optimization problems"

more information at the website: