Singularis Award

The Singularis Award was established to recognize and appreciate achievements in the field of singularity theory in the broad spectrum of singularity theory, including both involvement in scientific development and activities related to the teaching, popularization and application of this field of mathematics.

The Latin name of the Singularis Award not only refers to the mathematical field with which it is associated, but also expresses the qualities, such as uniqueness and exceptionality, with which the award nominees stand out.

Mission and aims of the award

The Award is given for activities to develop and promote the theory of singularities among the mathematical community and in the public domain.

It aims to recognize the contributions of mathematicians involved in the scientific development of this field of mathematics as well as the teaching, implementation and popular science work related to the singularity theory in the world.  

Eligibility criteria

Candidates for the Award are required to be mathematicians who are actively engaged in research, teaching and mathematical applications, including retired mathematicians.

The Chairman and members of the Award Committee are ineligible for the award during the function.

Principles of awarding

The award is granted by the Singularis Award Committee, consisting of an international team of mathematicians chaired by Prof. Stanislaw Janeczko.

The Chairman and members of the Award Committee nominate candidates for the Award.

At the decision-making meeting the committee members vote for the nominated candidates. In the event that the vote of the Singularis Award Committee does not select a winner, the Chairman shall have the deciding vote.

The winner of the Award receives a symbolic medal, representing the Singularis Award, a Diploma of Honor of the Singularis Award, and a financial prize.