Meetings of Open Minds III, 28.02.2019

The Center for Advanced Studies WUT invites you to the next meeting of the series "Meetings of Open Mind" on 28 February 2019 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science WUT, lecture hall No.103, Koszykowa 75 Street, Warsaw.

The „Meetings of Open Minds“  are addressed to students of the Warsaw University of Technology and are aimed at broadening the scientific and cognitive horizons of young people in the world of science. The general aim of the meetings is to draw attention to the value of a non-standard dimension of education, developing creative aspects and critical thinking and discourse among the participants. Important in this process is the role of a scientific guide, a master showing the way and awakening the intellectual potential of his students.

This time the main themes of the meeting will be:

- LIFE - higher and lower forms of intelligence

- LIFE ACCEPTANCE - necessary conditions

- SYMULATION OF LIFE - evolutionary processes

Prof. Andrzej Dragan, Prof. Jan Fronk,  MSc Hassan Babiker, and Prof. Stanisław Janeczko will take part in the discussions as speakers.

We invite you to watch a photographic report from the event in the gallery.